Phantom 320

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Phantom 320 EKG simulator


The phantom 320 is a versatile simulator that allows you to test the correct functioning of your ECG and long-term ECG devices, monitors, recorders, arrhythmia computers and other devices.

In the medical electronics industry, it has long since become the epitome of ECG simulators: the phantom 320.

Nearly all test laboratories of TÜV, Dekra and other testing laboratories work with this handy device. The phantom 320 has also become an indispensable instrument in the quality assurance of medical technology products, for service and test field technicians as well as for device demonstrations in sales.

In addition to its user-friendliness, the phantom 320’s strengths include manufacturer independence and versatility. You can use the simulator to test the correct functioning of ECG and ECG long-term devices, as well as

  • monitors
  • recorders or
  • arrhythmia computers

Whether for normal or pathological ECGs: You receive a true-to-life, independent curve presentation for up to 32 ECG signals. With the phantom 320 you can simulate the following, among other things:

  • 8 normal sinus rhythms
  • 7 supraventricular and
  • 9 ventricular arrhythmias and
  • 3 pacemakers
Phantom 320